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Mostly Coherent Ramblings of a Silicon Forest Software Developer

How to Contact Jeremy Morgan

The easiest way to contact me is probably just to shoot me an email.

I’m also on Social Media a lot, probably too much:

Also if you’re in the Portland, Oregon area here’s my Meetup schedule:

Jeremy Morgan on Meetup

Want to Hire Me?

Consulting Services:

  • C# Development - ASP/MVC, Web API, WPF/WCF
  • .Net Core Development - Microservices/API
  • Anything Linux - Shell scripting, configuration, installs
  • Angular and other Front End Development
  • DevOps - Octopus.Net, PowerShell, Docker, Linux
  • Database Development, Design and Migration (MySQL, SQL Server)
  • PHP Development
  • Content Consulting
  • Design Services

And more. Anything from small fixes to enterprise level development, I can quickly assemble a team to get your project off the ground.

(503) 960-3219

Want Search engine optimization?

Other Recommended SEO Professionals:

Since I am super busy with dev work and not always able to take on new clients, I also recommend contacting the following SEO Professionals *:

Check out Working Web Solutions. Mary Killelea is also an SEO professional from the Portland Metro Area who is great at what she does, very professional and knowledgeable. Give her a call and see what she can do.

Also, David Mihm is another reputable SEO in the Portland Area who I’ve heard great things about. He knows his stuff, and would be another great option.

Free Help

Ok so you don’t want to hire me but need some help for a personal project, non profit or simply a cash strapped business? That’s ok too, I will answer questions and give you guidance as best I can but I prefer to do that publicly so others can benefit from it as well. You can contact me on any of the usual social media outlets on the side, or you can post your question on Quora or Stack Overflow and ask me to answer it. There you will get not only my opinion but the opinions of many others as well.

Jeremy C. Morgan

* I am not affiliated with Working Web Solutions or David Mihm in any way and am not being compensated for endorsements or referrals. I am recommending them as a professional courtesy. Even if I can’t help people on their projects, I like to see them in good hands.