Last Update: Nov 25, 2023

Just released! Check out my Midjourney Prompt Generator! Generate awesome prompts to take your art to the next level.

Like so many others I’m completely addicted to Midjourney. I love playing with prompts and tweaking things and making awesome stuff.

Here are several art styles you can use on Midjourney, along with the prompts that created them.

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1. Surreal Dreamscape

Create an ethereal landscape where the laws of physics are defied, with floating islands, waterfalls cascading into the sky, and flora that glows with luminescent colors, all under a dual-moonlit sky. With rich, intricate details and vivid colors –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

2. Cyberpunk Scenes

Illustrate a bustling cyberpunk market street at night, illuminated by neon signs in multiple scripts, with diverse characters enhanced with cybernetic implants, amidst holographic advertisements and drones overhead. Cinematic shot –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

3. Post Impressionist City Life

Generate a post-impressionist painting of a modern cityscape with vibrant, swirling color patterns reflecting the dynamic energy of urban life, in the distinct style of Vincent van Gogh. –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

4. Pixar Art

Create a digital illustration of a new character that is a mischievous yet endearing young dragon, who has accidentally wandered into a modern-day elementary school. Capture the moment of delightful chaos as it attempts to blend in with a classroom of unsuspecting students. The dragon should have large, expressive eyes, scales that shimmer with iridescent colors, and a comical backpack that’s too small for its size. The style should be vibrant and detailed, with Pixar’s signature warmth and appeal, reflecting the energy and innocence of childhood. Include dynamic interactions between the character and the children - some amazed, some puzzled, and some teaching the dragon about human customs. Ensure the lighting gives a sunny, inviting feel to the classroom, highlighting the textures of the dragon’s scales and the varied expressions of the children around it. Illustrated in the style of Pixar with vibrant colors –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

5. Mytholgical Epics

Depict an epic scene from a lost mythology, featuring gods and monsters engaged in a celestial battle, with a style blending Mannerist composition and the fantastical elements of Zdzisław Beksiński. –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

6. Art Nouveau Revival

Create a series of portraits in the Art Nouveau style, emphasizing flowing lines and natural forms, integrated with modern fashion sensibilities and digital motifs. –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

7. Dark Fantasy Landscapes

Conjure a dark fantasy realm where ancient ruins are entwined with twisted roots and fog, with a haunting atmosphere reminiscent of the art style seen in ‘Dark Souls’ series. –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

8. Hyper-Realistic Still Life

Craft a hyper-realistic digital painting of a still life scene that includes a variety of textures such as reflective metal, translucent glass, and rough organic materials, demonstrating an extreme attention to detail. –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

9. Futuristic Utopias

Envision a futuristic utopian city where nature and technology are seamlessly integrated, with architecture that incorporates biophilic designs, renewable energy sources, and harmonious living spaces. –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”

10. Intergalactic Naturalism

Create a series of intergalactic naturalist illustrations depicting the flora and fauna of an exoplanet with a distinct ecosystem, showcasing creativity in speculative biology and extraterrestrial landscapes. –ar 16:9 –v 5.2

“Midjourney styles with prompts”


I hope you like this kind of stuff, I will share more of this very soon.

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Published: Nov 6, 2023 by Jeremy Morgan. Contact me before republishing this content.