Last Update: Feb 9, 2023

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I’m going to build games in Unity. I love using Linux as my development environment, so I was happy to learn that you can create games with Unity in Linux. Since I know many of you out there are in the same boat as me. I will document this process so you can build Unity games in Manjaro Linux.

Do you want something like this on your Manjaro Machine?

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Read on! Let’s get started.

Installing the Unity Hub

So, let’s install the Unity Hub from the AUR.

cd ~/src

git clone

cd unityhub

makepkg -is

This will start the process of installing the Unity Hub:

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Once it’s done, you’ll see the hub in your startup menu (whatever distro of Linux you’re running)

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

When you start it up, it will ask you to sign in:

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Sign in with your Unity Credentials (you can get an account for free).

Configuring the Editor

Once you load up the Unity Hub and click on “Installs,” you’ll notice you don’t yet have an editor.

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

This is no big deal. Click on “Install Editor.”

You will see a list of available editors. I generally choose the LTS version.

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Here you’ll be asked for a list of platforms you want to build for:

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Select the platform you want to build your applications for. I like to develop for Linux and WebGL, so I’ll choose those.

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

When you’ve made your selections, click Install.

Once it’s complete, you should see a screen that looks like this:

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Creating a Kart Game

The Kart game is one of my favorite demo games with Unity. Let’s create it.

In Unity Hub, click on New Project

Then Learning

Then Karting Microgame

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Then click Download Template.

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Now you can create a new Karting Game. Name it appropriately, and select Create Project.

After a few minutes, you’ll have your Karting Game loaded and ready!

“How to Install Unity in Linux”

Now you’re ready to play!!

“How to Install Unity in Linux”


In this tutorial, we learned how to install Unity (Unity Hub and Unity Editor) in Manjaro Linux. So far, building things and running the games has been incredibly smooth. I enjoy it. Since I like developing in Linux as my desktop environment, it’s been great for me.

If you like Unity and want to learn how to build games with it, be sure to follow me on Twitch where I make games LIVE every week!

Thanks for reading!

Published: Feb 2, 2023 by Jeremy Morgan. Contact me before republishing this content.