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Why Did I Take So Long to Switch to a Mac?

Author: Jeremy Morgan

So a couple weeks ago I decided to pick up an apple powerbook. It’s not my first mac by any means, but the first one in about 10 years. It’s my first OSX mac, we’ll put it that way.

Mac users talk all the time about when they switched, and how they never look back, etc, and I already knew I’d feel that way. So why did I wait so long? That’s a pretty good question.

Reasons a mac is right for me

There are a lot of reasons people use them, but here are a few of the reasons I decided to switch.

1. Unix. OSX is based on it, and I’ve been a unix buff for years. Ever since the first time I figured out how to break out of the shell program at the public library in the 80s, I was curious about this operating system. I could write tons of articles on what makes unix great, but that’s not the scope of the article. Bottom line: Unix is the greatest operating system I’ve ever used, and OSX puts a really nice interface to it.

2. Reliability. This ties into the OSX operating system as well, far more stable than windows. but this goes for their hardware too. Apple controls all the hardware, which makes it more expensive, but the integration between the hardware and OS are rock solid. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about relying on a soldering job some 8 year old in china performed.

3. Power. Macs have it. Lots of it. It takes way longer for a mac to go obsolete. You can keep them for years and years.

4. Viruses and Malware. Yeah you don’t exactly have to worry about that. Yes, you can lock down a windows system, I do that. But the extra time you have to put into that is a pain. And some people argue “viruses and malware are written for PCs because that’s what everyone is using, it’s not because OSX is so much better”.  Even if that is true, who cares? The bottom line is you don’t have to worry about it with a mac.

5. Windows sucks. I can honestly say after years of using XP, I find it somewhat tolerable. You can dial it in and lock it down, and use it pretty reliably. But it’s still not OSX, and it’s still a pain in the butt. And the direction Microsoft has been heading with their operating systems has me searching for alternatives anyway.

6. Smug factor. Admit, it feels kinda good to say “I use a mac, so I don’t have to worry about that”

Anyway, so a couple weeks ago I picked up a powerbook, and now my PC is collecting dust. I use my computer for the following things:

  1. Web Development
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Software Development
  4. Lolcats
  5. .net development
  6. blogging

There is only one thing on that list I can’t do with a mac, though I do it often. So basically if I want to do .net stuff, I’ll fire up my PC, but for the most part the mac is now the daily driver. I bought it, configured it with Xampp, Zend Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, etc and dialed it in and I’m ready to go.

I don’t know why I waited this long to switch, but it sure has been really easy to do so.

Get a mac. Too expensive? find a used on on Craigslist.  Even if it’s a few years old, it’s probably faster than your current PC. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!