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The Best ASP.Net Web Hosting

A couple years ago, I decided to port my site over to an ASP.Net web host so I could host my ASP.Net applications on here. I tried a few but eventually landed on Arvixe, and they’ve been by far the best host I’ve ever found.

You can click the banner above to see the details of the account, but here is what I’ve experienced with Arvixe.

The Newest Technology - This can be pretty important. You want the latest .Net framework? They’ve got it. This is a big one as most ASP.Net hosts I’ve seen they always lag a little behind.

Performance - This is one of the fastest hosts, I’ve ever seen and competes with CDNs as far as delivery performance. I’ve hit the front page of several top tech sites and received over 30,000 unique visitors a day without issue.

Control - You have full control over your hosting. Need to restart the site or Application pools? They’ve got it. Need to do some IIS administration? You can do it. All with your account.

Uptime - Really, really good. I haven’t had a single issue with downtime since I’ve started.

Support - Every time I’ve spoken with them they were friendly, helpful and fast.

So, I wholeheartedly recommend Arvixe as a web host. Though many people are going to Azure for their .Net stuff, not everyone can afford it, and sometimes you need good old fashioned web hosting for stuff like emails, scheduled jobs etc. Arvixe is THE top choice for ASP.Net web developers.

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Give them a try, you’ll be glad you did.