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About Jeremy Morgan

My name is Jeremy Morgan and I’m a geek.

I’m a Software Engineer for EID Passport (Though all opinions are my own) and I’ve been a programmer and web developer since the mid 90s. I live in Oregon with my lovely girlfriend and our kiddos.

I bought this domain many years ago and never did much with it. Around the mid 2000s I started blogging stuff but nothing ever really took off. I put everything from car pictures to Photoshop stuff and once used it as my personal photo server.

Some history about the website

About 2007 I decided I wanted to sharpen up my writing skills so I just started writing articles that nobody was reading. As a professional SEO (at the time) I wanted to share some of what I was noticing in the industry and give some tips to new people.

I stuffed in some random programming stuff but it was mostly SEO for a couple years, and eventually I was proud to see it breach that 1000 hits a day mark. It started getting fairly popular but my traffic kept dying off because I didn’t post enough stuff. But Google always loved it.

After doing some serious analysis I wanted to find a direction for my site, and I noticed the programming articles were mighty popular. It wasn’t the leader in search traffic, but those visitors stayed on my site longer and were far more engaged. I’ve met many friends and found great job opportunities from those. I was starting to get bored with SEO anyway, as the field is well served by people more knowledgable than me.

2012: Everything changes

I decided in 2012 to put more focus on programming and tutorials. I pushed myself to really start putting stuff on here. Since I’m a programmer at my core (seo was always a side love) this was easy for me. The plan worked like a charm.

My traffic has tripled in 2012, and the engagement has been great. The 10,000 uniques per day mark is where it lives now. This site has been featured on Lifehacker, Ycombinator’s Hacker News,, and tons of other large blogs and news sites. It’s growing with popularity every day.

I made some changes to my site including making it more mobile friendly and adding the Discus commenting system, and that has helped build it up even more. 2013 is going to be huge.

My History

I’ve been in the IT industry since 1999. I started in tech support (like most geeks) worked my way through college and have been employed as a Systems Admin, Windows Admin, Linux Admin, Programmer / Analyst, Software Engineer, Validation Engineer, and a few others. I’ve seen some things.

I’ve developed software for one-person companies, fortune 100s, and done everything from writing one-off plugins and scripts to leading enterprise level projects to completion. My preferred environment is one like I’m in now. I like working for small to medium sized businesses that are “hungry” for growth and agile in nature. I’m not currently seeking new opportunities.


Now that I’ve effectively put you to sleep I’m glad you’ve visited the site. I love helping people with tech and I really like getting people into it. That’s why many of the articles on this site are “too basic” for a lot of programmers. The reason for that is my goal is to help create new programmers and tech enthusiasts, and I hope I succeed.

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