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Jeremy Morgan

If you’re interested in hiring me for SEO services, feel free to give me a call at ( 503 ) 960-3219. I provide excellent work and can get your more exposure for your website.

( 503 ) 960-3219

There are a few things you should know about hiring me for SEO however.

I am not the cheapest SEO out there, by a long shot. If hired I won’t be the lowest priced SEO you’ll find. But my past clients have found out I’m worth my rate. Aside from over a decade experience in SEO, I’m also a fulltime web software developer. This means I’m an SEO who can create some pretty custom ideas, as well as being able to assist with technical hurdles in the process. One thing youll also find is most “Cheap SEO” is cheap for a reason. The tactics used don’t work, or can even get you delisted from Google.

I am a strictly White Hat SEO I personally have nothing against Black Hat SEO and if you want to employ those tactics on your site that’s fine but I won’t help you do it. I follow Google’s Webmaster Guildelines very closely. This ensures your site will never be removed from their index, and you can count on long lasting benefits and not worry about being de-listed.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint There are a lot of misconceptions in this industry, and one of them is that you can hire an SEO to “fix up your site” and then walk away as the traffic flies in. This is not the way it works generally and it’s better to have a long term plan in place. I only need a few hours a month to keep you on track most of the time.

I don’t guarantee rankings I cannot guarantee you high rankings with Google and other searching. Nobody else can either. It’s much like the emergency room staff at the hospital. They wont’ guarantee they can save your life but they can guarantee they will do everything in their power and use every available resource to try. That’s exactly how I approach SEO.

If your’e still interested shoot me an email or give me a call. You do not need to be local to the Portland area, but it does help.

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