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Tech News September 5th 2014

Author: Jeremy Morgan

New Stuff

Here’s some tech news for September 5th, 2014. Cool stuff I found on the web, and decided to share.

Miriam Minds - Practice Verb Conjugators for People Studying French, Latin, or Italian

Tetris in ClojureScript - This is pretty cool.

Mjolnir - An automation/productivity app for OS X

Angular-Permission - simple access control for your routes in AngularJS

PythonpyThe swiss army knife of the command line

PojoVizVisualize the structure of any JavaScript library, framework

Pixelapse - The most powerful image inspector on the web

LLVM & Clang - Version 3.5 released

Visual Studio 2013 - Update 4 CTP 1 Offers Web-Based Code Review

Serena Deployment Automation - Free Community Edition released.

MEAN Development Stack - MEAN development stack on Google Compute Engine


I found this cool link on Hacker News, Fifty Years of Databases and it’s a heck of a read. Very interesting to see how far we’ve come.

And in a funny case of history repeating itself, Uber Is Currently Fighting the Battle That Jitneys Lost 100 Years Ago. I still don’t know how I feel about the Uber thing, but it’s an interesting read none the less.

Check out The Science of Crawl Part 1: Deduplication of Web Content if you’re interested in stuff like that (I am).

In sad news, Twitpic is shutting down. Yet another ridiculous show of greed by Twitter, rather than acquiring them, or working out some kind of deal, they just felt they needed to kill it. It’s not a new tactic for Twitter, but upsetting anyway.


The next Portland Meetup I’ll be attending is the Portland SASS Meetup at Puppet Labs. This meetup has grown considerably, and for good reason. The organizers have done a great job of creating awesome, useful presentations.

Another good one I might check out is NodeJS Code & Learn night, I’ve been to a couple before and it’s always pretty interesting.

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