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Tech News August 27 2014

Author: Jeremy Morgan

I’ve decided to start writing posts bringing my blog back to a magazine style format, and share some of the cool stuff I find here instead of emailing or IMing to all my friends. I have no idea if I’ll stick with it or not we’ll see how much the readers like it.

New Stuff

Hython - This is kind of a cool project on Github, it’s basically a Python 3 interpreter written in Haskell. I don’t know what the advantages of this would be, but as he states it’s a project to help him learn Haskell, which is respectable. Who knows what might come out of something like this.

C3.Js - This is a reuseable chart library based on D3. One of the selling points is that it should be an easier and more customizable way to build charts with D3. I haven’t tried it out yet, but working with D3 was pretty awesome so I hope they’re improving on that.

Sporty - This is a new app to find people nearby to play sports with. This is one of those ideas that’s so obvious you would have thought someone came up with it years ago. But it’s an excellent example of using technology to improve real life activities as opposed to helping other technology.


Here’s a good article talking about the Significance of the $33 Firefox OS Smartphone. Excellent food for thought if you’ve been watching this.

What is Idempotence? The word is thrown around a lot when talking about APIs and Unit testing, but it’s actually an incredibly simple concept, but this article covers it well.

If you aren’t excited about Microsoft’s Katana Web Server you should be. Katana just hit version 3 and if it catches on it’s going to be a big game changer. Big bloated web server software is a thing of the past.


Are you on Meetup yet? It’s a great way to meet other enthusiasts in your area and has been catching on big here in Portland. Tonight I’ll be heading to the Portland JavaScript Admirers meeting where they’re going to be talking about ReactJS. Should be good stuff.

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