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Why Aren't People Following Me on Twitter?

Author: Jeremy Morgan

I’ve recently started selling some software to add followers on Twitter. A couple of customers have asked me “why am I not getting a lot of followers?”, and some potential buyers have had the same complaint, saying they purchased adders in the past that didn’t perform well, so they won’t be purchasing mine. I think I know the answer to this.

Need friends on twitter?The answer goes back to some simple questions. “Who am I marketing to” and “what do they want to see?”. All twitter follower adders rely on a similar concept. You follow someone, and they may or may not follow you back. Most people look at a profile when someone follows them, and decides whether or not to reciprocate. The factors they use to make this decision are obvious: Why would they want to follow you?

When is the last time you found a profile on twitter of a cute 20 something girl in a skimpy outfit who posted 20 tweets a day that were all links to dating sites and decided you just had to follow her? I’m guessing it doesn’t happen much. And that’s my point, people will only follow you if you’re interesting.

Am I saying you shouldn’t try selling your product on twitter? Of course not. But you have to mix it up. A good combination of personal tweets (yes, what you had for lunch or a cool song you’re listening to) dialog with other twitterers, and links to other cool stuff as well. Posting a lot of links isn’t a big deal if they are mostly interesting valuable links from different places. Mix your own links in and you can get a good thing going. Post some jokes or funny quotes.

The bottom line: people want to follow you, not your company. They want to know they’re interacting with an actual human being who has something valuable to provide. If you’re getting into twitter marketing just to spam, you’ll be ignored as spam. If you get into it to meet and interact with your customers, and have a little fun in the process, you’ll find a lot more success.

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