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How to Increase Your Klout Score

Author: Jeremy Morgan

By now you’ve likely heard of Klout, it’s the startup that aims to measure how much influence you have by giving you a “score” and showing the topics you are influential in. In this short article I will tell you how to increase your Klout score so you too can have a nice big number next to your name on Klout.

Want a Bigger Klout Score?

How to increase your Klout scoreThere are people out there who really care about Klout and their Klout score. There are rumors that companies do their hiring based on them. People charge for their services and tie that to their Klout score. So to some people it’s clearly important. If you found this page and are reading this it’s likely important to you too. So you want to know how to raise it?

Stop spending all your time on Klout and start putting content out there.

That’s really all there is to it. Instead of spending so much time trading +k with people, cruising websites and forums looking for trades, purchasing likes and retweets, just produce more content. That’s really the secret.

All the time you spend trying to game the site is time you could be spending writing on your blog, or finding great content to post on Google+, Twitter or Facebook. The people with the highest Klout scores are generally people who aren’t even members of Klout at all. Think about it, do you really think people like Linus Torvalds and Seth Godin are spending hours obsessing over their Klout score? No, of course not! They’re busy doing what they do and their work is bringing in an audience.

How You Should Actually be Using Klout.

In the interest of full disclosure, I use Klout. I do +k trades with people and participate on the website. Why? Because it’s a great way to meet people. I actually met some people from Empire Avenue in the Klout trading rooms that are really cool and have a lot of good stuff to share. I have found influencers and been added as an influencer by others and met a lot of people that way.

If you use Klout as a networking tool you’ll get far more use from it.

Use Klout as just another networking tool to meet new people, don’t use it as a place to show off. Their algorithm is flawed anyway, and if you game it too much your score will likely drop. But if you use it as a way of meeting new people, you may be inspired to do something new, or find someone who will share your work.

The Bottom Line

In other words, the best way to get a high Klout score is to ignore it completely, and try to be more influential in your field by adding to a body of work, not by trading +k with people for hours.