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You Need Google Chrome

By: Jeremy Morgan

Ok, maybe need is strong word, but you should definitely check out Chrome, Google’s new web browser. I’ve downloaded it myself and found it to be pretty slick.

Click here to download Google Chrome

Why Google Chrome?

Why would google want to enter the browser wars? The simple answer is laid out in this comic book style announcement. Simply put, today’s browsers are built for mostly static webpages, with javascript on them. While AJAX has been around a while, only in the last couple of years has it really taken off, and web 2.0 has taken over the net. These are not static pages anymore, they’re applications.

We now do all kinds of complicated actions on the web, with browsers that weren’t exactly built for it. So Google decided to start from the ground up and build something faster, and sleeker.

What’s it like? My first impression of Google Chrome is very good. It’s lightweight, clean and simple. Changing tabs is quite fast, and things seem to load fast. I don’t notice a difference in looks at all. All webpages seem to look identical to how they look in FireFox. Even the fonts are the same (which I must admit I like Safari fonts better than any browser).

I haven’t had it crash yet, and it seems to run gmail very nice, as one would guess. I’ll give a more detailed analysis later, but I wanted to introduce you guys to this browser so you could check it out. Let me know what you think!

Click here for the google blog about Chrome.