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Section Targeting for Adsense

Author: Jeremy Morgan

If you’re looking for better ways to optimize your google adsense performance, here is a quick tip. Google has created a new feature called section targeting, so you can emphasize, or de-emphasize areas of your site. This allows for placement targeting, and you can keep ads being served that are relevant to your site’s content.

For example, if you want certain text to be “counted” towards the text that google uses for ad serving, you place the following tags around it:

The text you want highlighted, something about your subject

Or alternatively you can have text you’d like ignored:

ignore this stuff

I am not sure yet if this actually makes any difference. I don’t have a whole lot of text on this site that needs to be ignored, nearly all of it is relevant to to SEO or marketing. But I implemented it anyway to see if there is any tweaking or tuning that can be done.

If you’re using wordpress, here is a plugin that does it for you. Let me know if you guys get good results with this. I’m going to be tweaking and optimizing mine in the coming month or so.