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New RPC Blog Ping Tool

By: Jeremy Morgan

I have recently started working on a suite of tools for SEO professionals that are free, and open source. I’m hosting them on Iron Foundry, and the first of those tools is a blog ping utility. This tool pings blog update services to let them know you’ve updated your blog.

Click here to check it out

Blog pingers are much less effective than they used to be, mostly due to abuse. But they are still effective in notifying Google and others when you’ve updated your blog.

As I stated this will be a suite of free tools I have planned, it’s written for .Net 4.0 If you’re interested in helping out, get it from GitHub and check it out.

It’s very rough right now, and totally Alpha stage so don’t be surprised if it chokes or spits up a bunch of errors. I’ll be making it more solid in the near future.

I will likely be also building a web service, so you can just ping that service and it will ping the list of sites for you.

Stay tuned, I’ll have a lot more cool stuff coming soon! Big thanks to Iron Foundry for hosting it!