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My Latest Top Secret SEO Prediction

By: Jeremy Morgan

As a reader of this site you don’t see a ton of predictions as compared to basic observations. This site was never meant to be a crystal ball and I’ve never been much of a psychic. I’d put some good money on what I’m going to tell you today, however.

Note: This is going to be the first of my “short and sweet” type articles I’m going to put up here. They’re not meant to be in depth or drawn out like most of my articles, but simple seeds to get you thinking about a topic.

Today I am going to make a prediction about the future of SEO (with Google at least). Here it is:

The future of SEO is going to be heavily weighted on reputation. Google authorship is your opportunity to get a jump on it. 

How to display profile picture next to your Google results

I wrote last week how to put your picture in your search results. It is a way to put your smiling mug next to the results that come up in Google. This is useful for a few reasons:

  • It adds an image to your search results, and images almost always help get attention and clicks.

  • It adds a personal touch to the result, and gives you familiarity.

  • It helps you brand yourself.

All this for free, with such a small time investment? Why wouldn’t you do this? But there is more to it. Google is starting to look to authorship, which is really just a fancy way to claim your own articles and content. You should start doing this… now. This is going to be a major metric in the future to determine whether you’re a lame spammer who dumps spun articles all over the net, or a serious professional, and influencer in your field.

If this happens and Google starts using this as a strong metric, where will you fall?

The Losers:

  • People using spun articles and markov crap.

  • Blogs full of RSS scrapes

  • People who submit shoddy articles to every site on the net loaded with links

  • Sites with little or no valuable content.

The Winners:

  • People who write genuine, original and helpful articles.

  • Blogs with lots of useful information

  • Sites with known good authors contributing to them.

  • Sites with good articles

  • People who submit quality useful articles to great sites

  • People who interact with their audience.

I’m taking my own advice here, by getting more involved in my own site, trying to put out quality stuff and claiming my writing on other sites that I like. I’m also trying to engage more people in Google+.

It’s definitely something to think about for the next year and beyond.