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How to Make Hundreds a Day With Adsense.

By: Jeremy Morgan

So you really think you can make hundreds a day off adsense? Really?

Actually, some people are making thousands. Have you heard of a six figure blogger? There are a few of them out there. Adsense earnings are difficult to master, but certainly not impossible. Anyone can do it.

Here I’m going to outline some basic steps for going from zero to hero with your blog, using adsense. I won’t go into too much detail, but this is the first article in what will be a series.

Step 1: Get hosting.

This step isn’t entirely necessary, there are free hosting alternatives out there. With godaddy offering hosting so cheap you may as well pony up the 4 bucks a month to not have to deal with hosting issues. Get a domain, and some hosting to start. So it costs around 15 dollars to start this project.

Step 2: Get wordpress, and install it. Or pay someone to install it.

If you aren’t the most technical person in the world, you can pay someone $20-$50. Mention this article, and I’ll install it for you for $25.

Step 3: Find something you love, that you’ll love writing about.

It really doesn’t matter what it is. If you love it, you’ll want to write about it. And write you should, posting a new article every day for a year. Yes, you read that right. At the very least, do an article every other day. This is crucial to your success.

Step 4: build your sitemap and submit it to google and yahoo!

Build a google sitemap and submit it to both google and yahoo. Since you’re using wordpress anyway, why not use the wordpress sitemap plugin? It works awesome and makes sitemaps a snap. This ensures you’ll get recognized quick.

Step 5: Start writing.

Write to your heart’s content. Talk about what’s going on in the industry, or new things you can babble about relating to the subject. Make sure your spelling and grammar are good. Soon, if you produce enough interesting content, people will start linking in.

Step 6: Join blog directories.

Join as many blog directories as you can find, and exchange links with them. This serves two purposes, it gets your name out there, and gets traffic coming in. Plus the back links from google don’t hurt either. The more the merrier. I think I have listings in twenty or so at this point. But there really is no limit on how many directories you can list in.

Step 7: Utilize social bookmarks.

Create accounts on the major social bookmarking sites such as digg or delicious. Get a big list together (I’ll soon have a submission tool on here) and submit every article to them. This brings in both new traffic, and back links that will help you in the future. This is a good free way to build traffic. Make sure you aren’t submitting crap, or you may get banned from the sites. Try to make it interesting.

Step 8: Learn to improve your writing.

The better the writing, the more people will come back. The bottom line is, if you can’t be interesting, no amount of article posting will build traffic. Take some notes from the pros, or read up on some of the more popular writing sites. CopyBlogger is one of my absolute favorite reads.

Step 9: Become an authority on the subject.

This one takes a few years at the very least. But try to become an expert on the subject, taking in and dispersing as much information as you can. Try your best to become an authority on the subject. Google likes it, and you’ll earn more fans and natural links. Did you see the link I put up there to copyblogger? As you may have guessed, he didn’t pay a dime for that. I simply wanted to link it.

10. Never give up

This is the toughest part. Using this simple formula with these steps, and I have no doubt within a year you can be making hundreds or more on adsense. That’s what the program is for! Try to get as much natural traffic as you can. SEO is important, but for adsense to perform best, you need regular traffic.

Lets do a little math. Lets say every post you make gets 1000 views over it’s lifetime. Thats a very very low estimate. If you wrote a page a day for a year, thats 365,000 views. At my current adsense rate, thats 5,475 dollars. And that’s a low estimate. Work at it, and you can beat that by far!!

Good luck! I’ll give some more detailed advice soon.