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How to Find Good Keywords

By: Jeremy Morgan

By now everyone knows the importance of keywords to your SEO strategy. So if you know what you’re targeting, you can buy hundreds of different kinds of keyword finding programs these days. But are they neccessary? Turns out there are plenty of free ways to get good keywords out there.

The science behind finding good keywords isn’t the scope of this article, I’m just going to show you where to find sites that provide keywords for you free. There is a wrong way, and a right way to use keywords, and it all depends on focus. See my article on keyword targeting. But here are some tools you can find to get permutations and variations onĀ  your original theme.

Wordtracker’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool is one of the best. If you can afford the paid service, word tracker is worth every penny. You can do detailed keyword analysis, comparisons, KEI, and more, and export your lists to a format of your choosing. I use it and highly recommend it.

Google adwords keyword tool is another awesome tool, especially if you use adwords. This will give you a good idea of the popularity of your term, and the cost.

Those of you who have purchased the SEO Book (you really should) already know about Aaron’s free keyword tool. It’s very useful and nice.

I would post more, but this is really all you need. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on software to find this stuff. The only paid service I recommend is word tracker, only because of the immense value they give you. Enjoy these tools, and get to work!