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How to Display Your Profile Picture in Google Search Results

By: Jeremy Morgan

Have you seen those cool little profile pictures that come up in certain Google search results? They’re usually next to articles, and look great. Want to get them for your pages? I’ll show you how.

What am I talking about? The little profile picture next to the Google results:

How to display profile picture next to your Google results

See how it makes the listing stand out? The click through rate on everything is higher with images. It also looks more professional as well.  This is a part of Google’s new authorship program which I think will soon make a big impact on SEO.

So how do you do it?

Step 1: Create an about me page on your site (if you haven’t already). Here is my about page that I used.   On that page, you’ll need to link to your Google+ profile page using the rel=”me” tag.

<a href="" rel="me">My Google+ Profile</a>

This should go near the end of your page, but it doesn’t really matter much.

Note: To find your Google ID, go to your name in the upper right hand corner of the and click your name. Then click “view profile”. Look at the URL in the top of your browser:

How to find your Google ID Replace YOURID with this number.

****You’ll also want to put a link back to your bio page in your post, with a rel tag that says “author”.

<a href="" rel="author">About Me</a>

That’s all you have to do on your site. Make sure the picture you want is displayed on your about me page.

Step 2: Set yourself as contributor

Open your Google+ page. Click on “Edit Profile”

There will be a box there that says “contributor to”:

Add your website to this list (and any other website you’d like your profile to show up on).

How to add your profile picture to Google search results

 Step 3: Wait.

Now you must wait for Google to spider your site, see these changes and implement them. Start to finish it takes a couple weeks from what I’m told. You can use the Rich Snippets Testing tool to see if it’s working yet, and see what data Google sees about your site.

This is a good way to bring some professionalism and credibility to your site, as well as more click thrus. It’s rumored that authorship is going to be a huge SEO signal in the near future so that may be another good reason to this.

Good luck, and email or comment if you have any questions!