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Changes Coming to

Author: Jeremy Morgan

There are some pretty important changes coming to this site, and a complete redesign of both the look and content of the site are on the way. This is a decision that I started thinking about a year ago, and am going to start implementing in the coming weeks. Though some may be disappointed by the changes, overall I think the quality of the site will improve greatly and we can continue to grow in expand in different ways.

I’m listening to my audience.

I’ve always preached a couple things on here: content matters, and listen to your audience. About a year ago I was doing some analysis and that’s what this decision is based on. I let it simmer for a year and watched the traffic flow, feedback from visitors and experimented, and came to the conclusion that these changes need to be made.

Since 2008 or so, this site has primarily been an SEO blog. The front page has featured articles, tips, tutorials and the like related to SEO and Marketing. It has been somewhat successful in this role, but it isn’t achieving the growth I’d like to see at this time.  The articles get good exposure and search results, and seem to get passed around via social networks fairly well. But the majority of my traffic to this site isn’t from the front page, believe it or not. The big traffic driver for this site is my personal blog, where I freely post whatever I think will interest people, and many of it’s one-off type pages and tutorials bring in the majority of the traffic. But traffic isn’t everything, and I do have a loyal following for the SEO articles, so i decided to change things up a little.

How things will change.

One of the biggest changes will be to the site structure. The root of the site has been the SEO blog portion for years now, but now it will be put into a separate /seo-blog/ folder.  Soon when you reach the front page of the site, you will see separate areas you can go to, which will be:

  • SEO Blog

  • Personal Blog

  • Tutorials

  • Linux Help

  • Programming Tutorials

  • SEO Tools

And you can choose which section to go to and see a page listing the latest articles there. What I’ll be adding more of in the future is content to the other areas. I will be adding tutorials on programming, both web based and desktop based. I will be adding a lot more articles related to programming and computer science, and similar content as well as the SEO blog portion of it. I am also developing a set of SEO tools to use that will be a separate part of the site.

I feel this will add to the usefulness of the site as well as utilize my skillset better. I have been building software for nearly two decades, and have a lot of experience and knowledge I’d like to pass on, and share what I’ve learned over the years. For those who like the SEO articles, there will be web based programming tutorials that might help you out as well. For web programmers hitting the site, they may be interested in the SEO information as well, so this cross-pollination could bring many more people to the site and create a better community. If enough people start visiting and are interested I may be adding forums again.

Why get rid of the SEO Blog?

I figured I would get this out of the way for the people who inevitably email me with this question. I am not getting rid of the SEO blog, but changing the focus a bit. The reasoning is, the SEO blog has not been as successful as I would like it to be, for many reasons, mostly due to the fact that I haven’t had the time to really stay on top of it and write useful articles. There are many other SEO blogs out there that do a way better job, and I’ll never get in the league of people like Rand Fishkin or Micheal Gray simply because they already fill the need well and I don’t add content at a fraction of the rate they do. Also my full time job is as a software developer, so I don’t have enough time to stay immersed and post time-relevant information like they do.

The shelf life of an SEO article can be weeks or even days, but an article or tutorial on programming lasts for years. So writing SEO articles once or twice a month does not effectively grow your traffic base like it would if you were blogging daily. SEO is fast moving and sink or swim. To truly grow you need to fuel the fire often and that’s something I haven’t been able to do effectively.

I’m not giving up the SEO blog however. I do have a somewhat small but very dedicated audience and newsletter group, and I won’t be letting them down. I just hope to expand the base a little and tie it all together as best I can into one site. The great thing about running a non-commercial website based on your own first name is you can do anything you want with it, and don’t have to follow a set of rules or guidelines. With that in mind, I’m going to continue to put things up here that  interest me and help others, and hopefully the site continues to grow and improve.

Thanks for visiting all these years, and keep coming back!

Thank you

Jeremy Morgan