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Article Marketing Is Dead Long Live Guest Blogging

By: Jeremy Morgan

The Panda and Penguin algorithm effectively put a stake through the heart of article marketing, but every time something like that dies another method fills the void. In my opinion, guest blogging could be that replacement.

What is Guest Blogging?

It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s nothing new. Guest blogging is simply writing a blog post for another site. If you’re an author you contact a blogger and arrange to write an article, or vice versa. Nothing new about this process but it’s starting to gain momentum because of the death of article marketing. There are also guest blogging services that act as a dating service to match people wanting to write with blogs looking for more content.

What happened to Article Marketing?

The short answer is: spammers. Many folks in the Internet Marketing world blame Matt Cutts and his anti spam team and the Penguin/Panda updates. Don’t blame them, blame the spammers for forcing them to come up with these algorithm updates because that’s the root of the problem. Had things been kept honest Google would have no reason to crack down on article distribution.

I participated in article marketing for years with much benefit. I worked hard to write good stuff and get it out there, which resulted in backlinks, better SEO and new fans to my website. I was getting all these things and article sites were getting good content, it seemed to be a great system. The problem of course is spammers came and ruined it for everyone, not only did you have low quality articles peppered with affiliate links, but you had “spun” articles which are essentially words strung together to fool search engines and appear as content to get backlinks.

Something had to be done.

Why is Guest Blogging Heating up?

Guest blogging is starting to be talked about again for a couple reasons. First really smart folks like Rand Fishkin are recommending it and folks are listening. As the Internet becomes more social we have more ways of connecting people looking to write and site owners looking for writers. Also Guest Blogging provides the same thing we were looking for with article marketing, with some key differences.

Benefits for the guest blogger:

  • That ever so important backlink (which is becoming less of a factor BTW)
  • Name recognition
  • Getting your blog or brand out there
  • Google Authorship advantages
  • Builds a “resume” for other writing gigs

Benefits for the site owner:

  • Relevant content for their site
  • Content the site owner didn’t need to write
  • Spices up the page with a variety of authors
  • Site owner benefits from writer’s recognition as well
  • Builds community and helps the like minded network.

This is a winning situation for everyone involved. There are more reasons to participate in this than there are to avoiding it. Blogging, content creation and author reputation are the keys to success in the SEO world now.

So what’s the difference between Article Marketing and Guest Blogging?


  • With article marketing the content is not unique. It is a single article distributed to many
  • Most article sites are now penalized as are most of the sites featuring articles.
  • As a writer, you never know what kind of site your material will end up on.
  • You can get penalized for having your link in bad neighborhoods.
  • Often people use your article but strip out the links.
  • Most article marketing stuff is automated.
  • There are lots of “spun” or robot generated articles that degrade the overall quality of article sites.

So what I should do now?

You should join some services and start networking. If you want to write a guest post somewhere, prepare your topic carefully, make sure it’s relevant and interesting to the audience and start contacting! Make sure you have some work you can point at. If you’re a site owner looking for content sign up and start letting people know. I’ll have a list at the end of this article.

To answer the questions that will likely show up, yes I will be participating in this activity. So if you’d like to write an article for or would like me to write an article, shoot me an email here and let’s talk!