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A New Way to Promote Your Site on the Net?

By: Jeremy Morgan

According to SEOMoz, this is a list of the top 500 most important pages of the internet. But how do you get on the list? At first glance it looks like backlinks are a big factor, so what strategy should you take? Here is a new idea.

Link to SEOMoz’ Top 500 sites page

How did they get there?

Aside from the obvious, it appears that backlinks were a big factor in creating this list. Why do I say that? Look at a quick handful of the top sites:

What do all these have in common? They’re web based products or services that contain their link in the standard install. Even this site links back to Wordpress.

Backlinks aren’t everything, but I believe they are an extremely important part of the larger plan.

The default link is the key

Even in the early days of the web, companies knew they should put a link in the standard install. This is a link that is already there automatically, like when you install wordpress or joomla. Many webmasters will simply remove the link when installing a custom theme, or during customization. In the early days they did it for the free traffic. But in 2009, there are other factors to consider.

A default link is a must for any web service. A large group of people simply won’t remove the link. Why? Either because they don’t know how, or they choose not to. I keep the wordpress link on my site because I don’t hide the fact that Wordpress is what I’m using, and I think they should be given some backlink love for providing this software for free. And a lot of people feel that way.

Powered by WordPress?

So now do you see what the big secret is? Create a service or product that will be used on people’s sites, and give it away for free. I told you this would be an idea, but it’s not an easy one. But if you build a product, give it out for free, and put your link in as a return you will get free exposure that you can turn into success.

You get:

Free click through traffic Good branding Good Backlink stats with google.

Is that worth the hours you put into building something? It can be! Here are some things you could build:

Content Management System Stats Counter Chat Widget Listening to widget Twitter widget Link or picture sharing tool Forums Rating site

The list is endless! And each time someone installs your product, you’ll have a link coming back! It’s something to think about! Grab a good php book, download xampp and get to work!