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The Most Simple and Cheap Task Management Tool You'll See Today.

Author: Jeremy Morgan

The credit for this idea goes to Scott Bones, he introduced me to it way back in 2004 and I still use it to this day.  This is one of the greatest organizational techniques I use, and it’s incredibly simple.

Are you ready?

  • Go get yourself a pad of paper and a pen/pencil.
  • Draw a line down the middle of the page.
  • Put today’s date on the left, tomorrow on the right.
  • Write down all the tasks on your plate today (left).
  • As you get them done, cross them out.
  • Tomorrow, copy over the tasks that aren’t crossed out.

I know it seems really simple right? Well it is, and it only costs you about 2 bucks. I started doing this when my boss at the time (Scott) introduced me to it. At first it was hard to get in the habit of it, but he kept on me to maintain this list. As time went on I found myself staying on task better and having less things “fall through the cracks”.

To this day I have tried software solutions, apps on my phone, etc. and personally nothing works better than this pad of paper. In previous jobs I have been forced to use software to do the same thing, and found that the amount of overhead that was involved with dealing with this software, spreadsheets, etc was simply not worth it. It takes a few seconds to grab your pad and jot something down.

Remember don’t get too specific with it, just put a short phrase that’s a reminder, because essentially that’s what this is. These are not detailed notes about each task, but rather a daily reminder of the stuff you have to do. Try it out for a week or two and see if it helps you!