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How to Make the Perfect Salmon

Author: Jeremy Morgan

I eat tons of fish. There are a lot of health benefits to it and it tastes pretty good. Lately I’ve been cooking a lot of Salmon and I’ve picked up a few good tricks for doing so.

1.  Buy or catch some Wild Salmon and thaw it if frozen.

2. Marinate

This one is a big step, you have to marinate. Here is what I often use for a marinate:

  • 2 parts  Lemon Juice
  • 1 part soy sauce
  • 1 part water

Let this soak for as long as you can, 3 hours or so is good, 5 or  6 is even better. Make sure and refrigerate it while you do.

3. Take some aluminum foil and coat it with olive oil. Use a napkin or something and coat all of the foil that will be touching the fish.  You can wrap the fillets individually or do them all in a big foil packet, doesn’t matter. This is so the foil doesn’t stick to the fish and burn it , plus it holds the salt and pepper as well.

4. Sprinkle sea salt and fresh ground pepper on the foil. You want it to stick to the foil.

5. Put the fillets inside the foil and put a bit of butter on each one. (Not margarine, but real butter).  Sprinkle some pepper on top of them fillets. Close it up tightly and make it into a “boat” so it cooks in the juices. You can also put a little soy sauce on each fillet if you want.

6. Cook it! There are two different ways to do it depending on your taste:

  • Low heat  in oven - This will cook slower, and meat will be much more moist. If you like it moist cook it this way (290 degrees for 45 mins)
  • High heat in oven or grill - This will cook faster, but salmon will be a bit more dry.  (300+ for 20-25 minutes)

This is a good way to eat Salmon that’s healthy and simple. Feel free to leave comments about this!

Note: Make sure it’s always Wild Salmon. Fresh or frozen doesn’t matter as much but it has to wild for taste and your health. You can get 2 pounds of frozen wild salmon for around $9-$10 at Walmart or WinCo that’s really good. There are more expensive varieties at Trader Joe’s, Safeway and Albertson’s stores but I haven’t noticed a difference.

Of course the best way is to catch it wild yourself and cook it up that night, but not always an option for everyone.

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