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Developer Predictions for 2015

Author: Jeremy Morgan

Here I will outline my tech predictions for 2015. Specifically in the developer world. While I would never call myself an “authority” or “expert” on development trends I am passionate about this stuff and to my credit I do read Hacker News, Lobsters and Proggit every day. Yes, even on weekends and holidays. So there’s that.

Things that will blow up in 2015

As ambitious it sounds I’m going to try to predict what’s going to blow up in 2015. This is the most exciting stuff, right? Not the obvious stuff, like “herp derp mobile will be huge in 2015”. Let’s get a bit more granular.

Internet of Things

2014 was the year IoT really took off. In 2015 it’s going to blast into the mainstream. All this stuff we’ve been talking about since the 1980s or earlier is within our reach. Want something to monitor the items in your refrigerator to tell you what’s expiring and help you build a shopping list? Yeah, it’s coming. The coolest part about this stuff is the entry price. You can shell out less than $100 and read a book on Python and start creating some insanely cool stuff.

Pocket Sized Computing

Ok this directly ties into IoT because these devices are commonly used. But IoT isn’t their only use. Miniaturized computers are red hot and will continue to get smaller and faster in 2015. Here are some pretty awesome ones:

What’s really cool about this is it’s a full functional computer on a tiny card. You can use it for IoT projects or just low power computing stuff, and learning to program. Give them to your kids and watch them go wild. It’s just too amazing to pass up.

Cross Platform Mobile Frameworks

Nobody needs to be told that mobile is already huge, and will continue to get bigger. But how we’re developing apps is changing rapidly. The biggest idea is developing applications once time that can be pushed out to the three major platforms (IOS, Android, Windows).

The leader of the pack by far is Xamarin. It’s the most mature and feature packed cross platform out there, and integrates with Visual Studio. You can write your apps in anything you want and push them out to the big 3 with an awesome workflow.

Xamarin comes at a price though (up to $1899 a year) and if you’re making a profit this is a no brainer purchase. But if you’re goofing around and not making any money PhoneGap is an awesome alternative. In fact, there are tons of free / open source platforms for this.

This will be big in 2015 for obvious reasons. Develop it once and publish as opposed to building it 3 times, or skipping out on entire platforms? The choice is clear.

Golang, RUST, and other server languages.

Google Go (golang) has been growing in popularity for a while, but it’s really starting to mature. Languages like Go and RUST are great for high performance server tasks and they’re getting quite the following, mostly because they aren’t C or C++. I see these making a huge splash in 2015.

Functional Languages.

This is extremely controversial. I would not say Functional Programming will kill OOP in 2015 (or ever) but I am certain the trends are going to continue to push for it. It’s a different mindset and it’s no silver bullet but there are solutions that are just better done with a functional pattern.

F#, Haskell, Erlang, Lisp, etc are things to keep an eye on and maybe start busting out some small stuff with.

JavaScript as ByteCode

We’ve just about reached peak wheel reinvention with JavaScript and I think we’re going to see an extra push towards JavaScript being generated with other languages. I’m talking about CoffeeScript or TypeScript, but transpilers also are getting a lot of attention.

The idea is apps should be written in a clean, sane language then have it pump out JavaScript browsers and devices can interpret. It’s like bytecode.. nobody should be editing JavaScript much soon. I think this is the year we’ll see some changes.

PHP (Yeah Really)

While PHP may be the most hated language on the planet besides Perl, Facebook has adopted it and their work on the HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine) has been going very strong and showing huge performance gains. There are millions of PHP applications out there, and about as many PHP developers so why not utilize it?

I think language changes and the continued advancement of HHVM will make a huge splash.


These are just some of the things that I think will blow up in 2015. I could be wrong, but I’m sure each of them will at least be more popular a year from now than they are as you read this.

Questions? Leave a comment below with your predictions.

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