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The Real Secret to Success on the Web

Author: Jeremy Morgan

The inspiration for this article started with a discussion I was having about successful blogs and websites.  From that I started thinking, and composed a tweet:

Want to succeed? Don’t kiss ass, get walked on, hold your tongue or follow the crowd. Disrupt. Offend. Stand Out. Achieve.

I got to thinking: this really is the silver bullet for a successful blog. In fact, it’s a secret to success in general. Nobody ever made a difference by following the crowd and doing what everyone was doing. So why do so many people follow this plan when they start a blog?

If you really want your site to take off, you have to stand out.  You have to have opinions and be ready to share them. You have to rock the boat, shake the cage and really put yourself up for scrutiny. You need to interact with people and be honest with them. Instead of worrying what everyone else is going to think, focus on what YOU think and why.

This is the real secret of success for the web, when it comes down to the brass tacks.

Some other things to consider:

  • Give people content they want.  Ask, then listen.
  • Don’t be afraid to disagree with someone, even an industry expert.
  • Don’t be afraid of offending people with your opinion.
  • Don’t be afraid to take an unpopular stance.
  • Don’t be afraid to be the first to try something.
  • Interact with others in the field.
  • Instead of fawning over celebrities and experts online, challenge them with good questions.
  • Keep your eye on your prize.

If you try to build something that everyone likes you’ll fail.  Don’t worry about anyone else, just create. Let your personality shine through and do what you want to do. The more you enjoy it the better you’ll do at it.

Stop making excuses, get out there and do it.