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My February Blog Challenge

Author: Jeremy Morgan

I’m one of those people who has a million ideas a day. I’ve always been this way, and I believe it’s some form of adult ADD, but it’s gotten me through life pretty well. Today I had an idea to write a blog post every day for a month. Not an original idea by any means, but something I’ve never done before on any of my websites.

What do I hope to achieve out of this?

I don’t know exactly, but judging by how it’s gone for others, I should expect a few things should I succeed:

  • Improve my writing skills
  • Push myself outside of my comfort zone
  • Give myself new ideas to think about
  • Let fans of this site get to know me better
  • Win new fans with new content

So if I’m able to succeed at this, I can expect at least some kind of change somewhere. I’ll have to push myself for ideas to write about and that might stir up my brain in a good way. I’ll probably annoy the heck out of people on my feed and newsletter list, I apologize in advance. But it could end up being better for everyone.

What will I blog about?

I’ll try to keep in the general subject matter areas of the website as I know that’s why people come here. It will be something that should fall within the major categories though I might stray a bit when I can’t come up with anything good to write with.

It will be geeky, artsy, or marketey stuff I’m sure.

Maybe I’ll blog about stuff like this awesome book I’m currently reading:

"Snow Crash"

The book Snow Crash was recommended to me by a friend, and you might be surprised to learn I’ve avoided cyberpunk stuff most of my life, but am really enjoying this. Do you care? Probably not but I’ll still talk about it anyway.

Earlier last year I said I was going to start adding more content and exploring new stuff on the site, as well as making it mobile friendly. That turned out really, really well. I had to upgrade my hosting to handle the extra traffic and meeting lots of new people so I hope this experiment has a positive outcome as well.


So in a few days I’ll start blowing up the site with daily posts. Some may be a paragraph, some a novel. I’ll likely share some insights or something useful so stay tuned. Maybe in the comments you can place your bet for how long it will be until I break the streak. I won’t mind.