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How to Build a REST API With Python

In this article I will describe the process I used to create a new endpoint for my Raspberry Pi weather station, and how I set it up to to use Python and MariaDB for storage. I set this up as an endpoint for one of my IoT projects and thought I’d share the results.

How to Restore Arch Linux Boot After Installing Windows

This week they released the RTM Version of Windows 10, and I decided to install it on my laptop. Most of my development is done on my desktop Mac at home, but the laptop is good for collaborating, coffee shop coding, etc. I decided Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 would be good for this. There’s only one issue: I also have Arch Linux on this laptop, and it’s dialed in very nice and I definitely don’t want to remove it.

How to Monitor Room Temperature With a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Newsletter

Today I’m going to show you how to monitor ambient room temperature with a Raspberry Pi. We’re going to wire up a temperature sensor, gather temperature values and send them to Firebase. This could be the start of a weather station or other crazy experiments. In my case we’re going to check the temperature of a room to make sure our newborn puppies don’t get too hot or cold during the day.

Two Awesome Tools You Need Right Now

I have recently been using a couple of tools every day, in both my professional and and personal work and feel like sharing them here today. These tools will help you tremendously as a developer and they just happen to be free.

Brief Introduction to REST

C# Newsletter

Perhaps you’ve seen the term REST being thrown around lately and have been a little curious what it’s all about. If that’s the case, or you know a little about it but never used it, this article is for you. Today I’m going to give a small overview of what REST services are, and why it’s awesome.

How to Install ASP.Net 5 on Ubuntu Linux

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One of the primary goals of the ASP.Net 5 (codenamed vNext) project is cross platform development, and it’s become easier than ever to develop ASP.Net applications on Linux and OSX. Today we’re going to take a look at how to do this with Ubuntu Linux server.

Open Graph Tags Are Terribly Important

Today I want to talk about something that’s pretty important for your blog, even if it’s a tech blog. It’s Open Graph tags, and it’s a fairly easy way to get more people to your site, and get it noticed. I haven’t done an SEO or Marketing type article on this site in two years, but I think this is pretty fitting for anyone working on websites. Is your company doing this? They should be.