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Intro to Application Pools in IIS

Application Pools in IIS can be somewhat of a mystery. Since they’re created for you automatically many times Administrators don’t give them a second thought. But understanding application pools is crucial to having a good running IIS server.

I cover this and other IIS Administration topics in my IIS Administration Fundamentals course at Pluralsight. Check it out!

Hands on IoT With the Raspberry Pi

Great news! I finally got my IoT course done! It took a long time to develop, and a lot of learning but totally worth it. This is not really a post advertising it but just a quick talk about the process.

Review: Netgear WAC730 Wireless Access Point

In this article I’ll be reviewing the Netgear Prosafe WAC730 Wireless Access Point. This is a WAP geared towards small to medium sized businesses, and is designed to compliment your existing network. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the Netgear Ambassador Program. They sent me this unit to try out, and after extensive evaluation here’s what I think.

How to Set Up Free SSL for Your Website

If you’re reading this then welcome to the new server! Due to my web host taking a huge nose dive, I had to scramble to find new hosting. In doing so I explored SSL solutions and a friend suggested Let’s Encrypt. I liked the experience so much I thought I’d share it.

Easy CRUD for Your Web API With Dapper

Full disclosure here: I don’t like ORMs. If you’re building an enormous enterprise project, you should absolutely use an ORM. If you have data you really care about and a complex, monstrous system using something like Entity Framework can save you a lot of frustration. If you’re building a simple application, or some home project it’s really unnecessary.

Setting Up the Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 Breakout

Recently I showed a friend of mine some of the projects I’ve working on with Arduino and Wifi, and he introduced me to the ESP8266 chip. I found them all over the internet ranging from $1.50 US to $20, with a variety of configurations and manufacturers. I decided to go with a company I trust, Adafruit Industries, and see what their offering is like.

Failed Request Tracing With IIS

A great tool I’ve discovered recently is the Failed Request Tracing Tool is IIS. If you’re building an ASP.Net application and having issues with requests it’s a fantastic tool. I’ll show you how to use it.

Getting Started With Adafruit IO

Raspberry Pi Newsletter

Earlier this year Adafruit Industries put their IoT dashboard Adafruit.IO into Beta, and it looks pretty cool. I’ll show you how to set up a dashboard using one of my mini weather station designs for data input. You may remember this project from a few months ago. I’ll be adding yet another endpoint to the project on Adafruit.IO.

How to Add WiFi to Your Arduino

Raspberry Pi Newsletter

If you want to add internet connectivity to an Arduino, you have quite a few options. Since most Arduino models are not bundled with Ethernet or WiFi a market has developed for it, and I decided to try one out and share my thoughts.

For this article I’ll be using the Adafruit CC3000 breakout board found here. For the platform I’m using an Arduino Mega 2560 I received from Newark element14.