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How to Write Better Unit Tests

In working with some unit testing fairly extensively lately, I’ve gathered some guidelines I’ve tried to stick with over the years for writing better tests. Remember poorly written tests are a waste of time, and cause major problems down the road. It’s best to keep some of these guidelines in mind.

Common C# Interview Questions

I was reading a post about some common C# interview questions, and thought I’d share some of mine. These are questions that I asked in interviews, or was asked in past interviews. Try them out and see you how you do! I’m not going to post the answers here, if you don’t know them, find out!

How to Set Up a LEMP Server in Ubuntu 14.04

Today I’m going to show you how to set up a LEMP server (Linux NginX MariaDB PHP) on an Ubuntu 14.04. It’s a relatively easy process once you’ve done it a few times, but there are some things that can trip you up, so I thought I’d document it and present it here.

For this tutorial I used a Digital Ocean Droplet, but any Ubuntu 14.04 server should work the same way.

The Book Every PHP Developer Should Read

PHP has gotten a bad rap over the years. There is plenty of discussion around it’s “Fractal of Bad Design” and syntactical inconsistencies but the chief complaint is generally security. Lots of PHP sites get hacked by the minute, and even some experienced and knowledgeable programmers will say that the language is inherently insecure.

Create a Self Hosted API for Local Development

If you’ve ever worked in an overly restrictive environment, you know you have to come up with some workarounds to get your job done. I worked in such and environment and ran into a problem developing some front end pages to work with an API, but I didn’t want to use live data. Here’s a solution I came up with and I decided to write it out and explain it in hopes it will help others.

Properties vs Fields in C#

One of the areas that causes a lot of confusion for new C# developers is the idea of properties and fields. It’s an easy thing to mess up and there aren’t really any solid rules on it, but here are some general guidelines to help you decide how to use these members in your project.

Smell It Before You Eat It

Whether you’re developing for a personal project, small business or Fortune 100, you should take the time to make sure your changes aren’t going to break things. In times past this usually meant spending lots of money. These days the only thing you’ll need to spend for quality is time, and not much of it.