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Two Awesome Tools You Need Right Now

I have recently been using a couple of tools every day, in both my professional and and personal work and feel like sharing them here today. These tools will help you tremendously as a developer and they just happen to be free.

Brief Introduction to REST

Perhaps you’ve seen the term REST being thrown around lately and have been a little curious what it’s all about. If that’s the case, or you know a little about it but never used it, this article is for you. Today I’m going to give a small overview of what REST services are, and why it’s awesome.

How to Install ASP.Net 5 on Ubuntu Linux

One of the primary goals of the ASP.Net 5 (codenamed vNext) project is cross platform development, and it’s become easier than ever to develop ASP.Net applications on Linux and OSX. Today we’re going to take a look at how to do this with Ubuntu Linux server.

Open Graph Tags Are Terribly Important

Today I want to talk about something that’s pretty important for your blog, even if it’s a tech blog. It’s Open Graph tags, and it’s a fairly easy way to get more people to your site, and get it noticed. I haven’t done an SEO or Marketing type article on this site in two years, but I think this is pretty fitting for anyone working on websites. Is your company doing this? They should be.

How to Blink an LED on a Raspberry Pi 2

The blinking LED is the “hello world” of the maker community, and today I’ll show you how easy it is to do with the Raspberry Pi 2 (or Model B)! We’re going to use Python and WiringPi for this project.

Raspberry Pi 2 Has Arrived!

So my Raspberry Pi 2 has finally arrived, and I got to take a quick look at it. Pretty impressive so far, though I haven’t done much with it. If you don’t know what’s so great about the Raspberry Pi 2 I’ll give you a quick rundown by comparing it to the others.

Developer Predictions for 2015

Here I will outline my tech predictions for 2015. Specifically in the developer world. While I would never call myself an “authority” or “expert” on development trends I am passionate about this stuff and to my credit I do read Hacker News, Lobsters and Proggit every day. Yes, even on weekends and holidays. So there’s that.

Building C#/ASP.NET Apps on a Mac With vNext

In case you’ve been away from the internet for the last week, you’ve probably heard the big news from the ASP.Net team. They’re embracing open source in a major way. Scott Hanselman wrote a fantastic post about the news that nearly broke the internet (and certainly tested his hosting provider). Microsoft is really backing up their claims that they are committed to Open Source in a major way.

How to Set Up the MEAN Stack on Digital Ocean

If you haven’t heard of the MEAN stack, it’s a combination of technologies for serving up fast websites, using a set of technologies paired very well together. They consist of MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, and Node.JS. For more information check out MeanJS website for more details.

The Great Unicorn Hunt

When talking with people in the Portland, Oregon tech scene I hear the same thing all the time. “We are always looking for developers. We are hiring and can’t find anyone. If you know anyone looking….”. Folks claim there are more jobs than developers in this town, but is that entirely accurate? Is it as bad as it seems?