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How to Learn Computer Programming

So you want to be a computer programmer? Want to write software? Here is how you can get started with this awesome hobby / profession right away, for next to nothing. I first wrote this article back in 2008 and a lot has changed since then, so I decided to start it over completely.

Getting Started With AngularJS

Lately I’ve been playing around a little with AngularJS, and I’m pretty impressed. It’s amazing how many time saving features and structure this framework brings to your applications. I decided to build an app to calculate AdSense earnings, and I’ll demonstrate it here.

Just How Fast Are GitHub Pages?

Recently GitHub rolled out some improvements to GitHub Pages, their free static page hosting service. As this is a static site I’ve recently had a lot of interest in static hosts and seeing which ones might be the best. I decided to do a comparison and see how some major services, including GitHub pages serve up static content. I was a bit surprised.

Taking a Look at Year End Analytics

So I have started to pull down some of my stats from 2013. While most people are somewhat secretive with their analytics, I can show mine and share some of what I’ve learned over the last year, and what I did right, as well as what I did wrong.

Hazardous Attitudes in Software Development

With software projects it’s rare that a failure points to a single cause or person. Usually it’s a culmination of many smaller mistakes. With technology and formal project management best practices are usually well documented and available. One thing that isn’t talked about as much is attitude. The attitude of persons in your group or your group as a whole is one of the biggest factors of your success.

How to Install Magento on Windows Azure

Today I’m going to show you how to set up Magento with Ubuntu 13.04 on Windows Azure. Scalability and performance are always a concern with Magento, and one way you can rectify that is to throw some more server power at it. Windows Azure is great for this purpose.